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The Academy is a hub for players to improve as athletes and build their path to professional football by working up the leagues in Europe. 

Every individual will have a different path to take to get the best opportunities but they all will share in their share of hard work and good training. That's why we train daily at the academy to gauge and prepare our athletes for upcoming friendly matches and possible trials.


In the past years we have signed dozens of our athletes from the Professional Third Bundesliga and Regionaliga to the developmental Oberliga, and Landesliga.  

Our goal is to get our athletes on teams and beginning the first steps to their professional careers as footballers by preparing those who are ready and building up the players who need the extra work.


The academy house is a dorm/hostel home located in Schüttorf Germany, with space to accommodate 30+ athletes. 
Our home is 5 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes from the train that connects us to the rest of Europe and our training fields are right in front of the house.
We provide food three times a day Monday-Friday( Saturday and Sunday the cook does not serve dinner)


Summer Youth Program


For ages 13-16 the youth program provides daily training, and opportunities to train/trial with local Jugend/Youth clubs playing at the highest levels. 

Length of stay: 1-3 Months
Cost:  1600 EUR Per Month

Availability: May-August

Academy Pool Program




For ages 17 and up our Academy Pool Program puts you right into daily training with the full academy team in front of our coaches and scouts. Opportunities for friendlies against local developmental and pro clubs and trials for those who impress in training and during the games. 

Length of stay: 1-3 Months
Cost: 1600 EUR Per Month

Availability: Year Round

Academy Elite/Pro Program




For players ages 18-26 who have professional experience already or NSCAA DI Level Experience. Daily Academy Training with our seasoned coaches and for certain trial opportunities.

Be invited to trial after our academy trainings with local developmental/professional clubs depending on your skill level.

Length of stay: 1-3 Months

Availability: Year Round




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